Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Big Snodger!!

At least that's what Brendan calls it!

A brilliant day in the open waters off the Gold Coast began with having two humpback whales surface within 50 feet of the boat, much to the delight of everybody on board (Brendan, Brian, Bill, Caleb & Griffin). Shortly after the excitement had died down, Brian hooked the first catch of the day, and was feeling pretty smug. It wasn't more than ten mintutes later, when Griffin's rod took a sharp curl towards the water and we all realized he had something significant on his line. With Brendan holding the rod, Griffin reeled for fifteen minutes, hauling in a 21 pound Amberjack. The squeals and cheers could be heard for Griffin realized just how big the fish actually was!


Spent yesterday at the Australia was AMAZING! The boys were able to cuddle koala's, and pet kangaroo's. It was the best day!

We went to the Wildlife Warriors Show, and there was an intro done by Steve Irwin on the large was so sad - I was totally teary-eyed. From what I saw though, his legend is living on...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Off Again!

it's after midnight...and I'm sitting out on the deck, listening to the waves crashing - and feeling very sad that we have to leave in the morning. We've spent three nights in Noosa Heads, and this is one place we'll all have fantastic memories of. Brendan and Nick taught the boys to body surf on surf mats - and they've all just loved it (including the wipeouts!). Mom and dad will be heading home in a few days, which is very sad, as we've had the most wonderful time together.

And the sunsets...just wow!

Might be gone again for a few days, as I have no idea where I'll find wireless again (another great thing about Noosa Heads!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wow - wireless internet is VERY hard to find in, forgive me for the long time between posts!

okay, so...we've been hanging out at a place called Agnes Waters for four nights, a tiny little place, with the most gorgeous beaches ever! We spent the 24th on Lady Musgrove Island, doing a boat charter tour to snorkel the reef. It was stunning...altho the boat ride out took it's toll on Parker, who convinced he'd never get seasick, started out the very rocky boatride reading his book. Shortly after that...MAJOR seasick! He was very happy to finally get off the boat!

The boys are also really getting into rugby, but, are obviously no match for Brendan as of yet!

Here's a bunch of random shots - mostly just us having fun!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hanging Out!

Just hung out today, , which was wonderful and relaxing. Griff is LOVING the fishing - and as you can see, he's doing really well. Also, he's working on his photography skills - and even used back button focus for the shot he took of me. I'm glad, as I've taken over 1000 photos so far, and I think I might be in three of them!

The first shot is a soldier crab - they're SO cool. I took this with my 24-70...turned out pretty decent! And the 4th shot - you aussie's grow some WILD looking things!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fraser Island...

Spent another FULL day today, with Brendan as a tour guide - I'll be needing a vacation to rest up when we get home...

Today our first stop was a place called Lake McKenzie...a STUNNING lake inland on the island. We had a blast there - the water was so gorgeous. LOVE the shot of my 69 year old dad - first time he's worn his swim trunks in years - and the aussie dude checking him out!

Then we went to an area called central station, where we had a sausage sizzle (aussie hotdogs!!)...and went on an incredible hike through a tropical rainforest/jungle. The wild looking tree is a gum tree, with a strangler fig which is a parasite that grows over the host tree and envelops them and eventually kills the host tree - it's WILD looking!

Also found this great dingo cache to lock the kids in when they get out of hand!

Off for more adventure tomorrow...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm a BAD blogger!

Wow...I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated. It's so hard to find connections here. We're now at a spectacular place called Kingfisher Resort, located on Fraser Island. We'll stay here for the next six nights.

Last week, we spent a full day at Sea World, which was AMAZING...and also did some touristy things such as hanging out at Surfer's Paradise, eating at the Hard Rock Cafe...all that fun stuff!

So far we've seen koala's, kangaroos, cockatoos, platypus, wallaby's, and a dingo - all in the wild! According to Brendan, this is NOT the norm!

The boys are missing home a bit...but mom and dad are here now, so that helps a bit. Anyways - only have internet for an better post some photos!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

so much fun!

Well, we continue to pack more into a day than I could ever believe possible! Here's our update of what we've been doing...last night, the boys went to a rugby league game - and loved it! Tomorrow night, Brendan managed to swing tickets for the State of Origin game - which I'm hearing is a pretty big deal? Anyways - he and Brian seem quite happy about it!

The family shot of us is just so us! Even though my hair's a disaster...I'm still really loving this shot - it will be blown up for home (not huge, but will have it somewhere!).

The frozen cokes are wonderful - we don't have these in Canada! And - when in Australia, you must have a tailgate picnic on the back of a ute...right???

PS - do you think Brian's settling well into holiday mode???

Sunday, June 8, 2008


wow - we've been here for two days now...and haven't sat still for a moment! The first day was spent seeing the sights mostly from Brendan's boat. We spent some time sliding down sanddunes into the ocean (aussie tobaganning???), and then touring Surfer's Paradise by boat.

Today, we spent the day at Lamington National Park...went on a treetop walk (a series of suspension bridges and foot bridges), and then fed the parrots there. On the way home, we saw a platypus, and some black cockatoos...

Keaton had a crazy experience with a pelican (my favourite photo thus far!)...and tomorrow, we get to go to the marina at the Versace hotel, and go on a yacht...Brendan has a friend who's the captain, so we get a tour!!!

Australia is fantastic so far, and we're just getting started!